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Temporary Workers: An Opportunity for Happiness

Temporary workers play a crucial role in meeting the fluctuating demands of businesses. To truly harness their potential, employers must create opportunities for success by fostering a work environment that prioritizes happiness. The happiness equation, comprising health, heard, helpful, and human elements, serves as a guide for optimizing well-being. 1.

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Skils-based hiring

Skills-Based Hiring: A Recession Resistant Strategy

In a rapidly evolving job market, the traditional metrics of hiring are undergoing a revolutionary shift. At Armor People Link, we recognize the transformative power of skills-based hiring, especially during challenging economic times. As companies face the dual challenge of attracting skilled workers and navigating a recession, our focus on

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Temporary employees

Temporary Employees, How to Unleash Their Inner Hero

In the dynamic world of warehouse operations, temporary employees are often the unsung heroes navigating the ebb and flow of demand. But what if we told you that empowering these crucial team members could not only reduce risk but also supercharge productivity? Join us through our Workforce EDGE program to

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