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Who We Are

Armor People Link has provided recruiting and staffing services to some of the largest companies in Canada for more than 40 years.  Throughout the years, we have continuously evolved to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations in an ever-changing  labour  market.  This evolution continues!

Today Armor People Link is a  full-service  workforce solutions company offering a range of capabilities that provide the tools our clients and candidates need to succeed in a complex and competitive market.

Our focus is to help our clients find their EDGE in ways that help them ENGAGE top talent, DEVELOP the required skills, GROW their opportunity and EXCEL in achieving their market objectives.  These four words define our philosophy and distinguish us from the traditional staffing firm.

4 Things That Make Us Different​

We take a distinct strategic partnership-based approach with each of our clients.  Whether providing flexible staffing to assist in seasonal fluctuations or implementing a full-scale RPO  (Recruiting Process Outsourcing) solution, we always keep the strategic objectives of our client in mind by focusing on understanding their business objectives, identifying opportunities and putting processes in place to minimize risks. 

We accept what we cannot control.
  • The market dictates wages and availability
  • People sometimes just don't show up
  • Workers will walk off the job
  • People quit for many reasons
  • Accidents can happen (safety is our highest priority)
  • Good people can be bad workers
  • People change their minds
  • Even great offers get turned down
  • Not everyone can be available at a moments notice
  • Employees miss work because they are sick
  • They miss work because they say they are sick
  • People can surprise you in good and bad ways
We live up to our mistakes.
We are not afraid to live up to our mistakes and we rely on our strong client partnerships to help us work through these challenges, support our learning and, most importantly, implement solutions that will eliminate this risk.
We are straight forward and direct with our clients.
Feedback is always provided taking into consideration of our  partnership  and their strategic objectives.  It’s our obligation to push for continual improvement and we take that obligation seriously.
Addressing these issues gives us an EDGE.
We are governed by three fundamental strategies that are at the core of our EDGE program:
  • Mitigate workforce challenges by identifying opportunities and eliminating risks early.
  • Implement processes and procedures that support successful outcomes for our clients and our associates.
  • Proactively address issues that impede the success of our clients and our associates.

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About our Associates

Armor People Link employs 4000 plus active and productive associates throughout the GTA annually.  We support a database of 40,000 associates seeking temporary and full-time positions across a broad range of industrial, logistic, office, communication & technical roles.

We are continually engaging our workforce across multiple communication channels to ensure they are ready and available to meet the needs of our clients. We work with our associates to help them develop new skills and experience to assist them in finding new opportunities and advancing their careers.  

Our robust inbound recruiting strategies and platform utilize web, social and mobile channels to grow the database of available candidates every day.

Finally, our team of staffing consultants is continually focused on achieving excellence by carefully qualifying, screening, testing and interviewing every candidate prior to them becoming an Armor associate. 

Scalable Platform

Armor People Link offers our clients a scalable staffing platform that delivers:





Our dedicated team of Staffing Consultants uses the latest communication and applicant tracking technologies to engage candidates quickly, manage deployment and onboarding efficiently and support ongoing workforce management effectively.


People 2.0 Staff Trak applicant management platform

Through our partnership with People 2.0, the world’s leading provider of back-office, risk management, compliance, and payroll services, we can act locally while delivering a national or even global footprint to our clients. 

Staff Trak is the only dedicated built staffing solution developed specifically to meet the needs of Canadian temporary labour staffing firms.  Staff Trak has compliance baked in, which means our clients can always be assured that they are meeting all CRA, ESA and provincial government requirements.  Fully auditable, the Staff Trak platform makes engaging, managing & supporting large volumes of workers efficient and effective. 

Finally, Armor has access to more than 150 People 2.0 member agencies across Canada and the United States, allowing us to engage clients across a broad geographic range while retaining a consistent level of services, compliance and local candidate engagement.

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