Get the Workforce EDGE Advantage

Our focus is helping you win the battle for workforce resources.

Staffing agencies must adapt.  More than ever our focus must be on helping our clients win the battle for workforce resources.  To that end we follow a practice called Workforce EDGE.  We developed this approach to help our clients gain an edge in this competitive labour market.

Our Workforce EDGE approach focuses on four fundamental elements that define how we – Engage, Develop, Grow and Excel in delivering effective staffing solutions to our clients.  As such we, strive to proactively ENGAGE our workforce daily, DEVELOP processes and procedures that support the needs of our clients, implement strategies that GROW opportunity for all and EXCEL at delighting our client and associates each and everyday.

What Workforce EDGE means to our clients


  • Higher fill rates and reduced attrition through continual market, client and associate ENGAGEMENT.
  • Associate engagement through multi-channel communications include SMS, mobile, phone and email.
  • Implementation of talent pools based on job profiles and running these profiles against our database of associates.
  • Strong pipeline of new candidates through multiple online and traditional recruiting channels.


  • The ability to DEVELOP a comprehensive client roadmap that mitigates risks and identifies new opportunities.
  • Proprietary resource planning and alignment tools built around the Workforce EDGE program.
  • Understand our clients strategic objectives, quantifies their requirements and costs and helps mitigate risks.


  • The scalability to accommodate the GROWTH and changing needs of our clients by partnering with People 2.0 the leading back-end support provider for more than 1000 agencies across North America.
  • The ability to act locally while supporting national or even global demand requirements.
  • Financial security and flexibility.
  • Industry leading safety and compliance.
  • Strong technology platform.


  • A laser focus on EXCELLENCE that can achieve tangible and quantifiable results.
  • We see all our clients as partners and we do not work with everyone.
  • We seek deep long-term strategic relationships with our clients.
  • Our goal is to delight our clients and our associates by finding the right fit and growing together.
  • We never put anything ahead of safety.

Getting Start with Workforce EDGE

Our EDGE approach is simple and begins with an in-depth review of your market position, opportunities and risks. We utilize our trademarked Workforce EDGE process to analyze the key strategies that will optimize your staffing plan.

Find your EDGE 


Gather Insight

Workforce EDGE Opportunity Map™

Assess Data

Workforce EDGE Performance Matrix™

Action Plan

Custom Workforce EDGE Roadmap™

In order help our clients find their EDGE we’ve develop a three step program which begins with the gathering of key insights utilizing our trademarked Worforce EDGE Opportunity Map, next we take a deep dive into our client’s operational data to understand critical KPIs, and finally in the last step we develop a custom Workforce EDGE Roadmap that identifies a staffing strategy that will allow our client to capitalize on opportunities and minimize risks in their operations.

Identifying Opportunity & Risk

Utilizing our trademarked Opportunity Map analytical tool we can help our clients understand the opportunities and risks impacting their operations across key elements of their staffing strategy.  This exercise provides unique and actionable insights into how your existing operation is function and offers a pathway for implementing strategies to improve processes in order to reduce risks and capitalize on opportunities.

Understand your Data

The second step in the Workforce EDGE analysis centres on understanding the key data and operational metrics that drive the success of our staffing strategy.  When combined with the Opportunity Map analysis this gives us the ability to develop quantifiable results that can then be applied to develop key performance indicators that can be used to drive business success.

Build a Roadmap for Success

The outcome of the first two stages of the Workforce EDGE program is the Road Map for Success.  Here we work with the client to develop actionable strategies that will help achieve the goals identified in the first two stages of the program.  The Road Map becomes our guide post and our commitment to our client that is then backed up with a well defined a measurable action plan.

Executing an Action Plan

Once engaged, our final step is to develop a quantifiable Action Plan that is results driven and tied directly to the strategies and KPIs identified in the Workforce EDGE Road Map.  The action plan becomes the centre of our client engagement and is updated monthly, quarterly or annually based the client’s requirements.


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