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Five Steps to Finding Your Next Job

Register with us
Our registration process makes applying for positions easier and more efficient.  It also gives you a head start on opportunities that may not yet be available on our website.  Finally, registering first will shorten the time necessary to certify you for any  particular position  by completing much of the paperwork upfront, which gives us the ability to get you out to work quickly.
Search for open jobs
Click on the  “Search”  button below to see a list of open job positions at Armor.  Remember, many of our jobs are received and filled in real-time during the day.  It’s critical that you are registered so our recruiters can match you with these immediate opportunities. 
Apply for an open job 
Once you have found a job of interest, click on the  “Apply” button.  If you have pre-registered with us, your application will be immediately flagged in our system and presented to the staffing consultant filling for that position.   
Contact your Armor staffing consultant 
If you qualify for the job, the recruiter will call, text or email you with an invite to interview or accept the placement at this job.  Make sure you are available with your mobile phone as positions are filled quickly on a first come, first served basis. 
Follow up weekly to let us know you are available for work 
If you don’t get placed immediately, please  follow up  with our staffing consultants on a weekly basis to confirm you are still looking for work.  In most cases, if you have a clean record and a good work  history,  we can have you working within a couple of weeks.  

What you can expect ...

from Armor 
from our Associates

Your SAFETY is our
highest priority.

We insist on treating everyone with dignity & respect. 

We evaluate every candidate strictly on your skills and experience. 

We strive to find the best possible fit for our associates and our clients.

You always have the right to refuse work. No exceptions.

Every associate is paid according to CRA, WSIB and ESA requirements no exceptions and NO CASH payments. 

If you have a problem or a complaint tell us, we will take it seriously and will work to resolve the issue to the best of our ability. 

We expect all our clients to treat our associates with the same dignity and respect with which we would want to be treated. 

Workplace harassment, whether sexual, phycological or physical is unacceptable under any circumstances. 

Treat everyone with respect, as you would want others to treat you. 

Never endanger yourself or others in the workplace regardless of the circumstances. 

Arrive on time
at your assignment. 

Communicate in a timely fashion with our staff if you are unable to attend work.

Treat your supervisors with respect. 

If you have concerns or an issue at a client site, communicate them immediately to an Armor staff member. 

Wear all required safety equipment, including steel-toed boots and any other safety equipment required for the job. 

Take WHMIS seriously. It can help prevent injury or even save your life. 

Always maintain a clean, well-kept  appearance.  Your appearance says a lot about who you are don’t send mixed messages. 

Jobs We Fill

Armor offers a variety of professional opportunities in a variety of light industrial, office, communication and online media industries. 

Logistics & Warehousing

Food Processing & Distribution

Plastics & Paper Packaging

Accounting & Bookkeeping

Customer Service & Client Care

Online Engagement & Social Media

Management & Executive Search

Office Support

Light Manufacturing