Health Management: The New Imperative In Your Workforce Environment

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Health Management: The New Imperative In Your Workforce Environment

Staffing firms have always had to wear many different hats when assisting our clients manage their workforce needs.  Beyond our obvious recruiting hat we often find ourselves wearing our promotions, branding, mentor, and councilor hats.  With the advent of COVID-19 we now need to add another hat to our repertoire – our health management hat.

What does this mean and how does this help our clients?  This means becoming an infection control expert, phycological support provider and workplace design architect.  Each of these combine to create a physical, phycological and healthy environment in which our employees can perform their best and safely drive productivity for our clients.  No short order in today’s world!

What does this mean for our clients?  It means they have an educated partner in building a workplace that is safe for all but still able to operate to support their business.  To support this process we’ve implemented a number of key support services.

  • Access management – controlling access to our client’s facilities is critical to maintaining a COVID-19 free workplace.  This includes:
    • Daily COVID-19 screening & questionnaire.
    • Temperature checks.
    • Mask check.
    • Confirmation of other PPE as required.
    • Reminder of social distancing procedures and barriers.
  • Implementation of sanitation stations throughout the facilities.
    • Placement of hand cleaning stations containing hand sanitizer in easily accessible locations.
  • Cleaning of all contact surfaces multiple times per shift.
  • Posted signage to reminder workers to socially distance and maintain good hand hygiene.

However, even with all these precautions in place we anticipate there may be incidents of COVID-19 infection.  When this occurs it’s important to have a comprehensive incident action and contact tracing plan in place.  This involves:

  • Monitoring of symptoms of employees to identify potential COVID-19 cases.
  • Clear documentation of each incident which can be shared with all stakeholders.
  • Removal of the suspect employee from the work environment.
  • Immediate COVID-19 testing of the suspect employee.
  • Subsequent testing of close contact employees if suspect employee tests positive.
  • Monitoring of 14 day quarantine period prior to return to work.

Operating your business during this pandemic can be challenging, however we must put the health of our workers and our client’s workers first.  Sometimes these decisions can disrupt operations which can be frustrating.  From our perspective flexibility is the key, which means adapting your staffing plan to meet the moment.  We work closely with our client’s internal team to evaluate costs versus on-demand flexibility to support critical timelines when required or provide back up support when things go wrong.

Operational flexibility has always been the reason why our client’s choose to partner with Armor.  This has never been more true than in today’s challenging environment.

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