Reboot then re-ENGAGE: How to rebuild your workforce in the post-COVID world

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Reboot then re-ENGAGE: How to rebuild your workforce in the post-COVID world

At Armor People Link we follow a defining business philosophy called Workforce EDGE.  This approach is focused on helping our clients find their competitive edge by identifiying risks and optimizing opportunity impacting their staffing strategies.  The EDGE approach follows a four step path: ENGAGE, DEVELOP, GROW & EXCEL.  Our first step is to engage our clients in a conversation, analyze the market and align strategies to achieve their objectives.  From there we develop solutions, grow the required resources and excel by delivering quantifiable results.

COVID-19 has impacted many firms as they struggle to adapt to the new reality brought forth by this pandemic.  As Ontario begins to re-open we feel confident that our Workforce EDGE approach is stronger than ever, however we also realize that we need to adapt.  So we’ve added a prefix to our approach “RE-”.  As it turns out shutting down a business is far easier than spinning things back up.  You can not simply flip the switch back on over night, particularly when it comes to staffing.  We now must focus on the “RE-” words: Re-boot, Re-Engage, Re-Develop, and Re-Grow your business.  Most importantly with the right approach this difficult exercise can help you excel bigger and better than before.

So the question now is how do you rebuild your workforce post COVID?  For us it all begins with the willingness to accept that things will be different and with the correct strategy this difference can become a competitive advantage.  This is where our EDGE approach can help.  Now is the time to reset and reevaluate your previous strategies, keep those that will deliver value in this new environment and adopt new approaches that will deliver long-term success.

Accepting this approach is not without risk and it’s tempting to travel the less risky path by dusting off old strategies that are not optimized for the new reality.   Doing so however creates many hidden obstacle that can slowdown your restart and ultimately limit your longterm growth.

We prefer to think of this time as an opportunity to fully re-boot, clear out old thinking, tear down outdated processes, realigning staffing plans to meet new challenges and develop a holistic strategy with a focus on the future.  Fortunately our Workforce EDGE approach gives us the tools to do just that, beginning with a comprehensive analysis of your operations, recruiting, hiring, retention, and compliance processes and procedures.  Utilizing our trademarked Opportunity Matrix we game out scenarios and strategies by identifying risks and opportunities impacting your operations.  Finally, we develop a roadmap outlining a critical path for your staffing plan with key performance indicators that measure your short and long-term goals.

Whether you decide to engage our Workforce EDGE approach or not, I encourage you during these times of unprecedented disruption to step back, take a deep breath and look to the future. Chaos breeds opportunity and with the right tools and an open mind to change this catastrophe might in the end turnout to be an opportunity.

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