5 Trends from Gartner that will change the Staffing Industry forever!

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5 Trends from Gartner that will change the Staffing Industry forever!

Covid-19 will change the way we work, this much is clear.  How and when this change will take place is still unfolding.  In examining this issue I came across an excellent blog post from Gartner entitled: 9 Future of Work Trends Post-Covid-19.  This post examines nine trends Gartner believes will shift the nature of work as we emerge into a new economy.  In reflecting on these trends it became clear that they will have a distinctive impact on the staffing industry, our clients and workers.

Five key trends that will impact the relationship between a staffing firm, it’s clients and workers.

  1. 32% of organizations will replace full-time employees with contingent workers as a cost-saving measure.
  2. Humanizing the work experience will distinguish how workers view employers especially in regards to health and safety.
  3. Engaging task workers in team culture and creating a culture of inclusion will be important for retention.
  4. We must build workforce solutions for resilience not just efficiency.
  5. Utilize data to make good business and health decisions.

Combined these five trends represent a challenge to the staffing industry and our clients.  Effectively balancing cost-savings through contingent workers with human engagement and organizational resilience.  The old model of being a low cost source of labour is not sufficient.  A staffing firm today must provide comprehensive and intelligent solutions that reduces costs but also supports worker health.  We need to work with our clients to develop strategies that build resilience and retention while providing flexibility.

Our Workforce EDGE solution does just that.  We help our clients reduce risk. We find solutions. Most importantly we engage workers in a way that helps them develop, grow and excel.  Helping our clients and workers succeed together.