We still need toilet paper – why flushing the economy down the toilet is not an option.

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We still need toilet paper – why flushing the economy down the toilet is not an option.

Ontario, Canada not to mention the entire world is facing a surging and relentless enemy.  After relatively moderate case loads throughout the summer months, Ontario once again finds itself in the mids of a State of Emergency.  To say this was not predictable denies the historical data demonstrating the ferociousness of a second surge.  Could this have been avoided? Perhaps but not likely.  The plain fact is we just need to get through this nightmare.  Fortunately we have numerous highly effective vaccines and with a little patiences and good public health practices we can mitigate this horror and minimize the time required to get through this pandemic.  

From the title of this blog you might think I’m advocating a more open approach balancing economic cost versus public health.  I am not.  Public health is our top priority.  If it meant shutting down all businesses, including my own, to shorten this pandemic by six months I’d happily do so, however…we still need toilet paper!

We’ve all recently heard in the news a great deal about contingent workforces and the impact they have on spreading the virus.  Without a doubt there has been spread among contingent labour but not necessarily through the workplace but instead from crowded living conditions, social engagement and general community spread.  The vast majority of essential businesses and all our clients have very comprehensive Covid-19 mitigation programs in place to minimize transmission in the workplace.  This includes mandatory mask wearing at all times, social distancing on the floor and in the break rooms, hand washing stations and daily deep cleaning.  Each of these precautions combined have helped mitigate the spread of Covid-19 within the workplace very effectively.

Thus the biggest challenge facing essential businesses is the threat of Covid-19 entering their facilities through community spread.  The overwhelming majority of cases identified, of which there have been few at our facilities, are traced to external contagion.  We’ve had almost no incidents of internal transmission on site.

This fact however does not absolve essential businesses from responsibility, in fact it represents a clear and present danger to their on going operations, one they take very seriously as do we as their provider of contingent labour.  Most importantly we take eliminating the risk of onsite transmission as our top priority and therefore recognize we must prevent the virus from entering the facility in the first place.

To address this challenge we developed a one of a kind Covid screening and tracing mobile app design specifically to meet the needs of the Staffing Industry.  This platform provides all our associates with an easy and confidential way to complete the Health Canada Covid-19 screen at home prior to leaving for work.  The application provides each associate with a daily pass to enter the facility or will tell them to stay home.  Tracing and covid testing are tracked and the worker is connect to the Canada Recovery Sickness Benefit (CRSB) program if required.  At the facility no one is allowed to enter until they have been verified onsite by scanning their unique QR code pass.

We developed his app because there simply wasn’t anything on the market that accommodated the unique requirements of the Staffing Industry.  We’re making it available to our clients and any other business or staffing firm that puts work safely as their highest priority.

For Amor worker safety has always been our top priority and that priority has never been so critical to our operations, our associates and our clients.

If you are a business or staffing firm who would like to learn more about Covid Sentry please click on the link below to visit our web site and sign up for a demonstration of the mobile screening process.

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