Covid Sentry Solution
The Covid Sentry App is a cloud base platform specifically designed to support temporary labour across multiple locations and multiple agencies.  By deploying in home screening prior to the worker arriving on site the Covid Sentry solution identifies potential Covid-19 exposures before exposure can take place onsite.  When an exposure risk is identified the platform flags the worker and prevents access to the facility until their case has been reviewed and resolved.

The Covid-19 Risk

Covid-19 not only presents a health risk to our clients but also an economic and financial risk.  With rising infections in Canada it is now more important than ever to push screening into the employees home rather than onsite.  By doing so the we help our clients:
  • Decrease no call no shows.
  • Promote a positive health focused brand when recruiting temporary staff.
  • Reduce unauthorized absences.
  • Implement consist health checks across agency partners.
  • Support consistent Covid case tracing across their organization.

The Covid Sentry Platform

Covid Sentry is a 100% cloud based platform.  Unlike other solution the platform does not require the associate to download a complicate mobile app and supports mobile, tablet and PC screening options.  No software is required on the client side making deployment quick and efficient. The screening process is very straight forward.  

Platform Benefits

Client Benefits
Benefits of the Covid Sentry platform impact both the client their employees and agency associates.  Critical to the client the platform:
  • Minimizes the risk of on-site exposure to Covid-19.
  • Ensures all employees complete a Covid screening prior to being granted access to their facility.
  • Reduces operational downtime due to deep cleaning and contact tracing.
  • Streamlines access control to the facility eliminating lines that can facilitate the spread of Covid-19.
  • Reduces staffing requirements at access points.
  • Helps agency partners quickly fill positions when associates are unable to attend work.
Associate Benefits
By providing Covid Sentry to our associate they gain the assurance that the we and our clients have Covid-19 prevention at the core of our Health & Safety policy, minimizing the risk of exposure and providing a confident inspiring safe work environment.

Screening Process

Step 1: Online Screening Notification
Each morning the associate receives an email and txt notification containing a personalized link that takes them directly into the screening app.  No user name or password is required. Thus no lost passwords leading to time consuming technical support.
Step 2: Online Assessment
Filling out the screening form is simple and straight forward.  The associate simply answers a series of yes and no questions which reflect the Covid-19 screening mandated by Health Canada.
Step 3: Proceed to work or Stay at home notification
Upon submitting the form the associate will then receive an email and txt that either grants them access to the client’s facility or tells the associate to stay home and contact their employer.  The employer contact information is easily accessed within the app or in the email sent to the associate.
Step 4: Unique QR code access pass
If the associate has been cleared to enter the facility they will receive via email and txt a unique QR code and screening ID that they will use to gain access to the facility.
Step 5:  Onsite QR code verification
When the associate arrives at the facility the QR code is scanned and their identity confirmed prior to being granted access to the facility.  From there the associate can undergo a secondary Covid-19 check including a temperature check.

Covid-19 Tracing

Finally, if the associate is required to stay home they will be contacted and if a Covid-19 test is required the Covid Sentry account will be locked until they submit a negative Covid-19 test.  If the associate is deemed not to require a Covid-19 test they may be required to isolate for a period of time or be cleared to return to work.

How to implement Covid Sentry at your location.

Armor People Link is making this platform available to all it’s clients free of charge for Armor associates.  Support for third party associates and client employees can be added to the system at minimal cost to the client and agency partner.
We invite you to click on the Demo button below to sign up for a simple demonstration of the online screening process.  We’d then be happy to discuss how we can work with you to help protect the health and safety of your workplace for all employees.